4th TF-WebRTC meeting

4th TF-WebRTC meeting (13)

The Task Force is established under the auspices of the GÉANT Community Programme to provide a forum for exchanging and promoting ideas, experience and knowledge, as well as fostering collaborations among National Research and Education Networks and academic and research institutions on web - real time communication solutions, services, developments and deployments.

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Welcome to the 4th TF-WebRTC

kifu Mihály Mészáros 3 years ago - 16:44


kifu Jan Meijer 3 years ago - 26:22

GN4-2 JRA4 T4

kifu Péter Szegedi 3 years ago - 15:39

Real-time communication services infrastructure

kifu Bartlomiej Idzikowski 3 years ago - 8:59

Federated STUN/TURN service pilot experiences

kifu Mihály Mészáros 3 years ago - 53:08

WebTUT, and thoughts about WebRTC

kifu Rui Ribeiro 3 years ago - 34:24

Mconf and WebRTC

kifu Felipe Cecagno 3 years ago - 57:59

What's new in Firefox?

kifu Alexandros Chronopoulos 3 years ago - 34:30

Open mic

kifu Mihály Mészáros 3 years ago - 11:32