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Korszerű komplex matematikaoktatás

mta Dr. Ödön Vancsó 2 years ago - 13:30

Panel discussion on practicalities of open access

mta Liam Earney
Diane Geraci
Brigitte Kromp
Dr. Bernhard Mittermaier
Dr. Paul Ayris
2 years ago - 1:12:26

Elsevier innovations in teaching medicine and

mta Eugenio Garcia
Lais Junqueira
2 years ago - 17:20

The Jülich Open Access Barometer, a precursor for

mta Dr. Bernhard Mittermaier 2 years ago - 22:27

It’s high time to rethink how we pay for Open

mta Vanessa Proudman 2 years ago - 32:45


mta Ádám Török 2 years ago - 3:06

Ideas for Knowledge Democratization

mta Nicolo Pierini 2 years ago - 21:26

The role of scholarly publishers in an Open

mta Kathryn Sharples 2 years ago - 14:27

A data-based analysis of Open Access trend

mta Massimiliano Carloni 2 years ago - 20:50

The implementation of the LIBER Strategy -

mta Astrid Verheusen 2 years ago - 19:45

Open, open access and discovery

mta Tamir Borensztajn 2 years ago - 16:05