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Telecommunications technology

Innovatív oktatás: a Verseny2004 tapasztalatai

Ádám Merényi
Attila Takács
8 years ago - 18:47

A net és a középiskola

Katalin Wéber 8 years ago - 19:22

Hatékony csoportmunka megoldás Microsoft

Andrea Telek 8 years ago - 21:51


Péter Hídvégi 8 years ago - 19:45

Hybrid Online Clusters: Knowledge Producing and

Dr. László Z. Karvalics 8 years ago - 12:44

Leading the Way on Standards-Based-e-Learning:

Mikulas Huba 8 years ago - 20:54

Effects of the Bologna process on the educational

Dr. Alois Frotschnig
Dipl.-Ing. Johann Haag
8 years ago - 14:01

The Development of the "Politehnica" University of

Prof. Dr. eng. Radu Vasiu 8 years ago - 18:30

Temporary E-learning

Mag. (FH) Michael Torggler 8 years ago - 19:46

Personalized Learning Environments for efficiency

Dr. Kati Förster 8 years ago - 28:54

On-Line laboratory environments for e-Learning

Prof. Dr. Ing. Michael E. Auer
Prof. Dr. Phil. Habil. Andreas Pester
8 years ago - 20:52